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Summary: Luke and Mara get into another stupid situation that fangirls love to see them in. Luke Skywalker glanced over to the beautiful woman next to him. Mara Jade had reluctantly agreed to give Luke a ride from Yavin 4 to the Bilbringi shipyards where Luke was asked by his sister to broker a New Republic deal to purchase new ships for their fleet. Luke frowned. Mara was obviously not happy about the situation. Mara gave him an exasperated look. I really didn't have much choice. Luke couldn't help but be disappointed by that answer. He was hoping Mara agreed because she was a friend. Or at least he thought they were friends.
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To Luke Skywalker [1]. Kavan [2]. Female [3]. Red [4]. Green [4]. Light [3]. Arica [3]. Bisexual [7] [9]. She served as a Jedi until her defeat and final defilement at the hands of Darth Caedus on Kavan. Mara was born to Balen and Rohini Jade , and lived with her parents aboard freighter Jade Fire , which she knew as her only home until she was twelve years old.

Mara tugged at the skintight fishnet costume she wore as she walked into the grand audience chamber of Jabba the Hutt. The tight costume pinched Mara's breasts and buttocks, but the redhead tried to ignore the discomfort as she started her exploration of the fat Hutt's throne room. The stink of spice was thick in the air as Jabba's cohorts smoked and lounged in dimly lit alcoves along the walls of the spacious chamber. Jabba himself lounged on a raised platform where he had an excellent view of all the debauchery taking place in his palace. Spiced and drunk mercs and bounty hunters lurched at Mara to steal a kiss or fondle her firm ass. Mara ached to ignite the lightsaber she wasn't carrying and cut the scum down, but she was in disguise, following a trail of leads to where she hoped to finally catch up with Luke Skywalker, an enemy of the Empire that concerned both the Emperor and his right hand, Darth Vader. If Vader was the Emperor's right hand, Mara was his left. She smiled and swayed her hips to avoid grasping hands, paws, and tentacles as she made a slow circuit of the smoky throne chamber. Mara gnashed her teeth and tried not to grimace as she strutted in her fishnets and high heels to the dais where the fat, slimy Hutt impatiently waited. Jabba used his pudgy left hand to pop a squealing morsel into his wide, drooling maw.

Light streams in through the window, falling on my face and pulling me from a deep sleep. I blink my eyes open to an unfamiliar ceiling and furrow my brow, trying to figure out where I am.

I sit up with a start, but before I can gasp out loud, I look down and see that I am lying safely on top of the covers and still fully clothed. I place my hand to my chest and force myself to breath regularly. Grimacing, I glance over at him. He's lying on his side, looking at me with shining blue eyes and a dashing smile on his face. I briefly wonder how long he has been watching me sleep. Sighing, I rub my face with my hands and groan.

I thought things were bad before. This is much worse. But, as always, I'm unable to resist him, so I roll over on my side to face him. Hesitantly, as if he's worried that I'll slap him away, he leans forward and kisses me gently on the lips. Even though my head is screaming at me to stop, I kiss him back. A string of Huttese curses comes out of my mouth as I pull away from him, realizing just how much trouble I've gotten myself into. Luke raises his eyebrows at me, that huge grin still plastered across his face.

I take the pillow from beneath my head and hit him with it, hard. Luke doesn't stop grinning at me. Instead of refuting all my claims, he swiftly grabs my waist and pulls me on top of him. Before I can protest he kisses me fiercely, and against all my better judgment, I let him. Our kiss deepens and he runs his fingers through my hair. His lips move up my jaw line to my ear, and I involuntarily let out a whimper as he starts to do things with his tongue that are definitely against the Jedi code. I feel his hands move under my robes and I am now intensely aware that if I don't stop this right now , things are going to get much, much worse.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I abruptly push away, leaving him breathless beside me. His smile turns wicked. I don't need all that gossip flying around. I grimace. I was supposed to meet Corran for breakfast. He's probably pounding on my door as we speak. I hear Luke chuckle as I make my way to his fresher.

Leaning up against the wall, I run my hands over my face and look at myself in the mirror. Oh, this is bad , I think. I spent the night in Luke Skywalker's bedroom. In Luke Skywalker's bed —with him in it! It doesn't matter that we were both still fully clothed by morning.

I might as well have slept with him; at least then I could try to pretend that this is just about sex, and not my stupid feelings. I can't bring myself to think about the larger issues right now. Instead I'll just wash up as best I can, comb and pull back my hair so it looks presentable, and head to the mess like nothing unusual has happened.

If Corran asks about my whereabouts, I'll say I was meditating all night long. And if he hounds me about it, I'll sic Mirax on him. Clearing my thoughts as best as possible, I go about washing up, and a few minutes later deem that I no longer look like I spent the night in someone else's bed, making out like some lovesick teenager. I step out of the fresher, and when I look up, I stop dead in my tracks.

Luke is facing the window, completely naked, changing into clean robes. My mouth drops open and I am unable to take my eyes off of him. A million indecent thoughts run through my mind, and I am torn as to whether I want him to turn around so I can see the rest of him, or whether I want to him to stay right where he is so I can stare at his naked backside for the rest of eternity. After a few moments of shocked silence, Luke grows still as he realizes that I am watching him.

Before he can turn around to face me, I knock some sense into myself and curse again, running back into the fresher and locking the door behind me. I hear Luke stumble and fall to the floor as he loses his balance, and sense his embarrassment radiating through the Force.

I lean up against the wall, closing my eyes against the memory of him, and will myself with every fiber of my being to think about lightsaber techniques, or the history of the Jedi Order, or even old missions for the Empire— anything to take my mind off of Luke Skywalker's glorious naked backside. Just as I start to calm down, I hear Luke knock on the fresher door.

Luke follows me to the door but I can't bring myself to look at him. I am blushing the deepest shade of crimson in the galaxy. At least he seems just as embarrassed as I am. Before I can open the door, he grabs my hand to stop me.

I still cannot bring myself to look at him. He steps closer to me and begins to caress my hand, making shivers go down my spine again. Despite his embarrassment, he seems emboldened by our night spent together. His mask has disappeared. I shouldn't even be considering this. I need to walk away and say no. I need to put an end to this before I end up in his bed again, this time not safely clothed come morning. I need to stop this before I get hurt again.

I remain completely still as Luke leans forward and kisses me, but I do not push him away. I close my eyes, and after a few moments I finally give in, wrapping my arms around him and running my hands through his hair. We stand there for a long time, kissing silently and slowly, and in the part of my mind that is still able to think, I realize that something very fundamental has changed. I have not seen him smile like this since before we arrived on Yavin IV.

It is a smile of pure contentment, one that contains no burdens, no fears, no self-doubts. He has not seemed so carefree since before he took on the burden of rebuilding the Jedi Order. He looks just like the Luke Skywalker I met on Myrkr—the optimistic farm boy who trusted me even as I pointed a blaster at his face; the confident Jedi who took down a squadron of stormtroopers without even being able to use the Force.

Seeing his smile, and feeling his happiness shine through the Force, I wonder…has he finally learned? Corran doesn't buy my excuse for being late to breakfast for a second, and once in class, with Tyria as an accomplice, the two become merciless.

While sparring, I manage to get Luke's arm into a firm hold behind his back, which prompts snickers from Tyria and a sarcastic comment from Corran about 'Master Skywalker' liking it rough. Luke turns to him with a smirk and raised eyebrows, and the forward, straight-talking CorSec and Rogue Squadron veteran actually flinches away, flustered by the Jedi Master's boldness, and I have to stifle my laughter.

Later on, as we head to the mess for lunch, Corran asks me in an awed tone, "What the hell did you do to him? Luke is waiting for me near the entrance to the mess when we arrive. I nod, looking like a dutiful apprentice, and he takes me by the arm and leads me to an empty classroom nearby, leaving Corran to gape at us as we walk away. Once the closes behind us, I spin around and pull him into a passionate kiss before he can utter a word.

He responds in kind, wrapping his arms around me and pressing me closer to him. After a minute we both break away, breathless, and I bite my lip as I stare up at him. I close my eyes and reach out with the Force.

Those are some very naughty thoughts you're having. I grin and sigh with pleasure as his lips press against my throat. Unable to restrain himself any longer, Luke throws me up against the wall and kisses me so hard that I have the wind knocked out of me. But I don't care. I kiss him back just as hard. We stay that way for a long, long time.

The only thing that makes us break apart is the chrono on Luke's wrist that starts beeping incessantly. He tries to take it off and throw it against the wall, but I place my hand on his wrist, stopping him. Slowly I pull away from him, smoothing out his robes and hair with my hands. I told you I'd see you tonight, and I will. Remember, Master…patience is a virtue. Luke sighs and closes his eyes. Once in the hallway, I shake his hand; this time, I am the one to rub my thumb gently against the side of his palm, and I see his eyes twinkle in amusement.

I will see you later this evening. And with that, I turn on my heel and head back towards the mess, where a very curious-looking Corran Horn is waiting for me. After lunch, during which Corran ribs me non-stop, I head to one of the training rooms with Tyria for some hand-to-hand combat practice. Tyria is one of the only people here who can actually floor me, so naturally I love sparring with her. I roll my eyes and block her blow, twisting her arm around, but she escapes my grasp. She kicks my legs out from under me, but I pull her down as I fall, forcing her onto her back.

Shaking hands, I pull her back up and we start again.

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