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Inside the bodega, he leaned on an A. He stood at the top of the stoop, his hands in his coat pockets, leaning against a black door, his head turning both ways as if on the lookout for trouble. Wallace, which started showing in theaters on Friday nearly 12 years after he was shot dead in Los Angeles at age 24 , is a reason to reflect on a life of drama and a story of redemption, the film is also a portrait of life in Bed-Stuy, or at least life as it used to be. It is a flashback to an era of Walkmans, corner drug deals and rap duels in a neighborhood that is now largely referred to by real estate agents as Clinton Hill, where there is more diversity, million-dollar condos, gourmet restaurants and less apprehension about walking alone at night. The movie is as much a commentary on the neighborhood that inspired his music as anything else. The diner is still there. Wallace was also known. In Hollywood, said Mr. Not that the Bed-Stuy portrayed in the movie greatly resembles the way it is today. What once was a busy strip that included fast food restaurants, a liquor store and an arcade is now a stretch of eclectic dining spots, wine shops and markets featuring organic items.
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I've always heard lil cease go both but this look like livin proof I'm trippin right about now.
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Discussion in ' Celebrity News and Gossip ' started by phatgirl , May 15, Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. I got The Lil Cease Video! May 15, 1. Thanks x 3. May 15, 2. Thanks x 5.
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Guardar en Playlist. Yo yo this funk doc Straight up nigga lay down No time to play now uh ha Brace be around your hip from the waist down Keep it calm and don't react Cognac be the Zodiac Lo we back cock so these cats won't relax You see the face through the open mask, body Open gash, hoes throw me cash We gon blow, front row, do tash I'm a what you call a dog Fucking girls that do hair in mini-malls Lunatic when Doc spit, four patted walls uh ha Sick therapy got you back in the raw uh ha Cocky mass, I put the axe in the door Massacre, seminars off Branson jars I'll strip your hoe, strip your Benz Even strip that black line on your Master Card Card, card, card. BK niggas, hold it down correct uh ha Been a long time coming, niggas better start running Do more than top-gunning Dumming like a fifty-dollar sum And y'all cowards don't mean nothing uh huh Kept it real with this Rap shit while you try to go Pop I got the Maz' flow down on the schemes and plots uh ha If I want, nigga, I could come and take your block So call them, the first one to call the cops Like a lesbi, strictly platinum status nigga, let's see I don't want to test, be, niggas don't impress me Who got you gassed like Ghetty, funny like Eddie? Yo, yo, ha ha, yo It's the phenomenal Cease, kill more than cancer Serious, real thug, no dancer what More cheese than cameras, cock them hammers uh My fo' fo' leave niggas bent like Montana I'm killer than these cats could imagine when I'm rapping oww I make it happen when I'm relaxing Who want action? I'ma give you whatcha bargain for It's not friction, it's like fiction Puttin' these cats outta commission Flows that's devastatin', I'm dissin', so listen If it's hot, then get the fuck out the kitchen We All-City, we all-pretty Niggas rather die just to floss wit' me ha Keep it real, fuck how niggas feel feel 'cause this direct shit gonna get niggas killed Niggas sayin' Cease can't write, Cease can't rob yo Little do they know, I'm ahead of my time Future rhymes, what. Uh huh, c'mon Uh huh, huh Ha ha, ha. Letras de Canciones. Novedades Musicales. TOP Artistas.
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Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. May 10, 1. Most of you guys know that I have a strict no-nudity policy for this site. However, if you click the picture it will take you to the video. May 10, 2. I'm not sure I wanna see this Thanks x 2. May 10, 3. Thanks x 1. May 10, 4. I got to see this. May 10, 5.

Hell to the naw. I am looking forward to this laugh, but the link isn't working.. Thanks x 6. May 10, 6. May 10, 7. I'm not clicking the link while I am at work Someone please let me know if he is really stripping for men Thanks x 4. May 10, 8. Well, women don't want to see him strip, so I guess men are the next logical audience. If that fails, he can start stripping for the other animals at the NY Zoo.

I didn't look by the way. May 10, 9. May 10, Did you guys go directly to the site www. I saw the video on Rhymes with Snitch last night before it went down. It was about 4 or 5 guys plus 3 girls in a hotel room. Cease was in a towel and he was flashing his dick mostly at the guys. The guys was whooping it up but the chicks wasn't that into it. It looked hella gay. Cease got an ok size dick though.

Damn I'm late. Somebody find me a link.. There were 3 other dudes in the room with 3 white girls and Lil cease was the only one undressed. He had a towel rapped around him. All of a sudden he stood up and started a strip show. All of his boys were excited. The girls were just sitting there. One of his dudes were looking Lil cease hard as if he really want to see it and Lil Cease spun around with the towel open exposing everything but the person who Cease showed himself more of was this the light skin dude.

One dude was yelling "Anoconda" excuse my spelling. Another dude had his fist raised in the air like that was the ish!!!!

Dammit I'm mad I missed this lol. Someone please enlighten me. I still don't get why people keep calling him a snitch. Kim lied to the police and to the grand jury about her whereabouts and her involvement. Was Cease supposed to get on the stand and lie and go to jail as well, even though everyone knew that the cops had Kim on tape at the station even though she swore up and down she wasn't? Thanks x 5. I hate rats. Sorry J-Hunny but I still don't get what you are trying to say. I don't care about him wearing a BIG T-shirt. That means nothing in the scheme of things.

Maybe I am missing something but from what I understood about the trial from sworn testimony KIM lied to the police and the grand jury about her whereabouts the day of the altercation at the station. She lied about knowing and later being in the company of Damion Butler that day, even though there was footage to suggest otherwise.

Security photos taken at the station showed Damion Butler opening a door for Kim and then the two of them outside together just moments before the shooting. Still Kim lied under oath to protect Butler and her friend, Suif Jackson both who later pleaded guilty to gun charges. Cease and Banger got on the stand and told the truth about seeing Kim with Butler. If they had lied like Kim then they would have gone to jail as well.

I bet Kim is laughung her azz of behind this mess! Dude helped them convict her, then got clowned on by everybody in the industry for it! He killed his career!

Dumb azz! Now all he has left is shakin his dick! Funny az hayle! Dont matter if she lied or not, they would not have known it if Mr Cookie Monster didnt open his mouth, he did not do it for the right reasons either! He did it because she cut his azz loose and just like any bytchy man will do, his Cookie Monster azz rolled over on her!

He was the informant! And what did he get! Cease didn't have to lie! Damn I missed it. Shudders at just the thought. Lawd, don't look like they hiding much!!!!!! Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Close Menu Forums Recent Posts. Most Liked Most Commented. Blogs Home Page All Blogs.

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